Sunday, August 26, 2007

Horns update

At this point, I've lost the narrative of the painting, and it's become all style. I don't know. It's hard to say how this one will turn out, but I don't really have a clear idea in my mind what it should look like. This is a new experience for me.

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slappy said...

i love what is happening with this painting! you may have lost the narrative, but i don't think the painting has -- quite the contrary. this is no still life, it's a moving, shimmering potential, and that motion carries with it a lot of narrative impulse. there's a feeling of danger, of being on the cusp.

i think that on any artistic path, there are periods you spend getting familiar with a particular toolset, during which time focus and intention and knowing what you're trying to do and why are quite important. then, ideally, you get to have a period where you're comfortable enough with a toolset to allow in chance and unpredictability, where you can surprise yourself, where you can serve (always too briefly) as a conduit, a vessel, a transcriber of ideas and impulses that come from somewhere besides your conscious mind. that, to my mind, is the payoff for the careful work that precedes it (though it's also the danger zone, as far as personal mental stability goes.)

i'm sure none of this is new to you; it's all just really to say, i like the new direction!