Monday, September 03, 2007

Washer in Progress

Here is a work in progress, the Washer. Also known as "Nice Polish Girl."
Feeling froggy, I just go ahead and smack a drawing onto a 24 x 30, untoned canvas. Later, I will regret not toning the canvas. But I woke up from a nap and had to get this thing on its way to life. You can see all my construction lines and angles, and some of them are accurate. Contours are for sissies.
This is what some people call a wash-in stage. I don't do a great job of it - see all the white areas? I'll be sorry for that in a couple of days too. But basically at this point I've established a narrow-value version of the whole composition, and I'm feeling optimistic about it. Also, I've blocked in some dark underpainting for areas I intend to be light later, which will give them a depth I enjoy.

This stage is what I call the "making a home" stage. I'm making a place for the subject to live in. I know that sounds kooky, and I am OK with that. The idea here is to lay down a mostly correct drawing - you can see I changed the extended arm a lot - and lay down mostly correct values. This is the home/nest/bed that the subject of the painting will later be painted onto. Some parts are probably done and I won't mess with them later.

That may be my best bucket of all time. The figure is painted with thinned paint because she is in shadow, and here is where toning the canvas would have saved me a lot of time today. Instead of being able to really work on the volume and tension of the figure, I had to work on the drawing and the blocking in. But the next session will be better. I have Friday off work so I am hopeful this will be done next weekend.

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David the Great said...

Great work!

I am new at painting. Hoping to be good as you one day.