Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hosta #1 Alla Prima Sketch

Hosta Sketch 8 x 10 ", oil on masonite panel.

Available now for $125. Postage is $10 in the US, $25 worldwide. Paypal is preferred.

Every method has a reason. In an alla prima sketch from life, certain things have to be planned for, and then executed differently than if one were painting over several sessions, or if one were painting from a photo. Flowers move... not as fast as children, but they do move. So you have to establish your sketch and run with it even if the flowers gradually turn their faces away from you. Sketches from life ONLY work if the value drawing works. This is the primary function and full values are hard to get in one sitting, so go for it. But you won't be able, so exaggerrate your temperature shifts and tiny flashes of color to get the most effect from a one-sitting still life session.

Here is how the painting was made:


PAT MEYER -- said...

Thank you for sharing your painting on video for all of us. A great fluid feel.

Anonymous said...

How cool and inspiring was that!