Monday, September 08, 2008

Seated Nude #3

Seated Nude #3, 9 x 12 inches, oil on canvas. SOLD to MG, Alberta Canada. This painting is related to a larger version that is also available. There is something about the cello shape, and the contrast of translucent and opaque paint that is just mesmerizing.

Here it is being made...


laine lea said...

Lisa - love your art! Your flesh tones are really wonderful especially. Ive done alot of waatercolor portraits but not in oil and have been thinking of attemptin one - may I ask what your palette is for flesh? Love the undertones of blue and the freshness of yours. Thanks!

lisagloria said...

Hi Laine,
For this painting I used flake white, titanium buff, yellow ocher, bright red, alizarin crimson, raw umber and ivory black, all Winsor Newton. Unlike in watercolor, you only need something "more blue" than what's next to it, not actually blue. That's what the ivory black is for. Good luck and have fun with it!