Monday, January 19, 2009

Heather #8

This looks way better in real life. The blue is just crazy teal and looks pretty smashing I think. But I got impatient with taking the picture. One day I will have a studio with a picture taking wall and perfect lighting. Ahhhhh

Available off the easel and varnished with a nice UV protective varnish. $200 + $10 shipping in the US. Email me at if you would like it.

11 x 14, oil on canvas, alla prima. Here it is being made:

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aureliof said...

Love your painting and your very inspiring, informative demonstration. Would love to see it more slowly but thank you for posting nonetheless. Best, Aurelio

Daily Paintings said...

Once, excellent demo! Mike

Carol Nelson said...

Lisa, What kind of video camera do you use? I think I would like to try making a video of my painting process.

lisagloria said...

I just have a Sony Cybershot 7.2 pixel. It also does video. I'm hoping to get a better camer soon!