Monday, January 26, 2009

Self portrait from life

9 x 12, oil on panel.

This was painted from life, and yes I took video, but I haven't processed it yet. The room was sort of dark so I'm not sure how great the video will look. Grainy is my guess.

It looks like me on a good day. LOL but I flatter people all the time. Why not me too?

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Jesus Estevez said...

Hi lisa , i have following your videos in you tube , I am starting a new painting course , and with your permision I whant to show my studens your videos. i found you in brusspace where I recently post some of my work. I also would like to know how you make the videos , do you video for 2 hours , and then make it go faster , any way , if you can give me a tip on how you do it . thanks , I love your art . Jesus Estevez

lisagloria said...

Hello Jesus!
Sure, please go ahead and use the videos however you like.

I use my little Sony Cybershot, which takes videos as well. I just turn it on when I am painting, then upload everything to Microsoft Movie Maker. It's not every hard! (Oh, maybe that's a secret LOL!)

Best wishes, and thanks for your kind words

lisagloria said...

Oh, yes - I tried to respond to you directly, but your profile cannot be viewed, sorry!

Joasdi said...

Wow Lisa....This is truly a beautiful painting. Great style!