Sunday, February 08, 2009

Carnations #3 Day 4

Today I brought the vase to a nearly final level of finish using a glazing method. Once the highlights were in, it started to look like the picture in my mind, and I'm excited to finish the flowers.

Incidentally, I made a video of the glazing, so if anyone's interested in how to use glazing for details, I'll post a link to it when it's finished.


Sheila Vaughan said...

The colours are looking beautiful Lisa. I love how you did the pattern on the vase.

Sabina said...

Hi Lisa,

I have been a secret fan for many months now finally I am writing to you because I want to say how much I appreciate you as an artist as well as to share your works both visually as well as teaching-- for free! I might add.

I am a stone sculptor who is also well known to be a good draftsman and have painted a little with oils as well as watercolors. I've taken one class in oil but really didn't think I learned anything. If only there was a DVD out for doing nudes since this is my main interest. All my stones are female forms so far. I had studied and been with a company for 20 years;I imagine this is why I love the human form.

Sorry to have written so long; I know this is suppose to be a comment blog but I don't know where else to send you an email.

Quickly, I will just say thank you so much for your gifts. Never thought a computer would be so helpful in this way.

If you have another email, I would love to "comment" a little more.

Thank you,
Sabina from North California

lisagloria said...

Hi Sheila - thanks so much!

hi Sabina - Thanks for your kind words. You can email me any time at

I tried to send you a note through blogger but I guess your profile isn't viewable, so I hope you see this. :-)