Sunday, February 01, 2009

Peeled Orange and Silver Cup

6 x 8", oil on canvas on panel. Alla prima.

This painting took twice as long as usual because that orange segment was 3 orange segments for most of the time, but I just couldn't make it go. So eventually I just wiped off the segments and laid this little guy on his side. How demure. Way, way, way better.

It used to be really hard for me to wipe things out. I'd get attached to the work I'd already put in, and keep trying to fix things when clearly they weren't fixable. Now, I just scrape or wipe things off and start again. It's sort of exhilerating. There's a real moment of terror in there!

I have a movie of this one but I have to see it first. Maybe watching myself screw up won't be any fun.

Also, I used a 6500 degree rated compact fluorescent bulb instead of the ott-light, and changed my color checking position, trying to work a better lighting situation. I know there's a lot of glare on the photo, but I like the colors quite a bit.

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Paul F said...

Interesting abot the light Lisa, especially in view of our recent chat. This one does seem to have an exceptional richness and warmth to it. What do you think?

lisagloria said...

Hi Paul - I moved the knife and changed to a 6500 degree fluorescent. It really made a big difference in both the values and temps, though I think IRL there's some suppression in the orange range.

Not sure if the knife moving or light were the more effective method though - more tests needed I'm sure.

Thanks for noticing!

Matthew said...

well worth the wipe out. The piece really came together after taking that step.

I'm thinking watching yourself make mistakes can be very illuminating and help eliminate them in the future. After all, why record your progress if you aren't learning from it yourself!