Monday, February 16, 2009

WIP Chickens #7 - Java Roosters in Spring - Day 1

20 x 16, oil on canvas, day 1.

I'm working on some paintings to send to a gallery in NC. I have several commissions I'm working on too. But I'll post a few small ones here and there that I can sell directly.

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Gregory Becker said...

I love the lighting in this. what color or colors are you using?

lisagloria said...

Hi there! Thanks for your comment. The underpainting is just raw umber right now, under a daylight light so it looks a little more blue green than usual.

It'll be a full palette when I get back to it - flake white, winsor yello, yellow ochre, liz crimson, ultramarine blue, raw umber and ivory black. All my paints are Winsor & Newton.


Gregory Becker said...

Thank you. I have 2 more questions...How long do you wait for your underpainting to dry before your next session? and do you use a medium that speeds up the drying process?

lisagloria said...

Hi Gregory. I wait 2 days for an umber underpainting to dry, or more if other things need to be done. I don't generally use a medium, though today I did add a drop of walnut alkyd medium to each of my premixed hues on the palette.