Thursday, April 23, 2009

This blog is moving

Yeah, I'm going to move this blog over to my main URL,, where the blog portion will be

I've been super terrible awful about keeping my website updated, so I've just been blogging. Tsk tsk tsk! The site will have a cleaner design, updated works, new categories, a pretty spiffy gallery slideshow IMO, and mucho mas. It's not quite done, but mostly done. Done enough that I could tell you. Pretty soon I'll post pics of my cool new studio too.

If you subscribe via RSS, the feedburner address will redirect you. No worries.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lavender Roses #2 WIP

8 x 8" on panel - these are shown in reverse order. Not quite done yet!
Sorry I have been offline for a few days - I'm moving my studio into a new room here with North light. Wow, what a difference! Unfortunately, the Internet connection is way on the other side of the house currently. It'll all be together in a couple days tho. :-)
If you want to sign up for the one-day Alla Prima Online Workshop next Saturday, there's still time! Http://

Monday, April 13, 2009

New Online Workshops

I will be holding 3 online oil painting workshops between now and the end of May. Topics are Alla Prima Technique, Still Life, and Figure Painting basics. Click here to view the schedule, details, FAQ, and registration:

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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Victor Envelope Portraits

Here, they are, my handsome gentlemen. Each painting is 18 x 24, oil on canvas, and this is the order they're intended to show in. The clients loved the paintings, and they're going to look wonderful in the board room.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Apples and Spoon - Workshop painting

8 x 6 inches, oil on panel. This is the demonstration painting from the virtual workshop i held last weekend here in my studio streaming live to studios all over the world. That was awesome. Other people's final paintings are here. They're not all in yet but they look GOOD!

Of course it's for sale. Email me.

Cindy and I are putting together more workshops over the next few months including portraits, alla prima technique, still life, and floral. I'll post a link when the registration pages are up.

Cindy and I

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Lipking Workshop Photos


Finally! I have uploaded the photos and documented the process of Jeremy Lipking's figure painting demonstration in brief, from my notes. But, to not be a jerk, I don't want to post them all over the internet OK? So if you want to see them, please proceed in an orderly fashion over to

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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Lipking Workshop

I will show Jeremy's work too - I took lots of in progress pieces and notes. But for now this one is mine. 12 x 9 on panel.
So, in my hubris, I really thought we had a lot in common. We have the same influences, similar taste, similar age, and similar finish (sometimes). I thought that I'd go there and Jeremy would have the missing pieces of my puzzles which would fit neatly into the voids I'd already identified. And Poof! All fixed.
Yeah..... so that's definitely not what happened. As it turns out, we are complete opposites in every way I could think of. First, he's really tall - like 6'3" or something. I am dinky. He's really quiet - I had to staple my lips together. He doesn't draw out the figure except to measure head distances horizontally and vertically, then a midline. He uses titanium white. His flesh mixtures were ultra blue + burnt sienna + white on day one, and cad orange + viridian + white on day 2. He uses sable badgers. He is unconcerned with the likeness. He uses an open palette.
Wow! So basically every thing I thought I had settled, he unsettled for me. But, being determined to wring every penny from my entrance fee, I gave it all a shot. Um - I did have to wipe out the composition 6 times on the first day, but after a while it worked. And at the end, not having my usual outside-in drawing tripped me up a little, but I fixed it. Wow! Talk about your out-of-comfort-zone experiences.
This has very much invigorated me, and I hope to go back next year. Our differences really shone a light on some glaring inadequacies and opportunities in my work. It was a very exciting 3 days. Also, he is a nice man, in fact his whole family is kind and friendly - I'd recommend this experience to anyone.