Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Lipking Workshop

I will show Jeremy's work too - I took lots of in progress pieces and notes. But for now this one is mine. 12 x 9 on panel.
So, in my hubris, I really thought we had a lot in common. We have the same influences, similar taste, similar age, and similar finish (sometimes). I thought that I'd go there and Jeremy would have the missing pieces of my puzzles which would fit neatly into the voids I'd already identified. And Poof! All fixed.
Yeah..... so that's definitely not what happened. As it turns out, we are complete opposites in every way I could think of. First, he's really tall - like 6'3" or something. I am dinky. He's really quiet - I had to staple my lips together. He doesn't draw out the figure except to measure head distances horizontally and vertically, then a midline. He uses titanium white. His flesh mixtures were ultra blue + burnt sienna + white on day one, and cad orange + viridian + white on day 2. He uses sable badgers. He is unconcerned with the likeness. He uses an open palette.
Wow! So basically every thing I thought I had settled, he unsettled for me. But, being determined to wring every penny from my entrance fee, I gave it all a shot. Um - I did have to wipe out the composition 6 times on the first day, but after a while it worked. And at the end, not having my usual outside-in drawing tripped me up a little, but I fixed it. Wow! Talk about your out-of-comfort-zone experiences.
This has very much invigorated me, and I hope to go back next year. Our differences really shone a light on some glaring inadequacies and opportunities in my work. It was a very exciting 3 days. Also, he is a nice man, in fact his whole family is kind and friendly - I'd recommend this experience to anyone.


Ramesh Jhawar said...

Hi Lisa!
I discovered your blog through and am so glad I did! You are one of the most amazing painters I've ever seen!Your art is very beautiful.
And Jeremy!What can be said about him?He's one Terrific painter!In fact I've been following his blog for quite some time, though he is not regular in posting.

Candy Barr said...

Very cool description of your workshop experience Lisa. How great that you opened new dimensions. I've painted with Jeremy casually a couple of times, and his initial starts always interesting to see. (Models from Scottsdale Art School open sessions, and plein air at Superstition Mts...his wife borrowed my hat!) Thanks for sharing your particulars, the painting looks very fresh and stunning. Look forward to seeing the influence in your already beautiful work!

Mark Bridges said...

So, He tweeked you knoggen. Hope you can stream some more, when you feeling well, and pass on some insights. I think you'll be ready tomorrow. :)

lisagloria said...

Thanks Ramesh! Thanks for the look Candy!

Mark, yeah - he tweaked my noggin! LOL that's a great way of phrasing it. I'm formulating a set of post-newyears resolutions.

this was my second workshop ever - and the first was awful. i can see how being around other artists is such a cathartic environment.

Daniel Peci said...

I wanted to attend his workshop also especially since he doesnt lives in LA area also, but I couldnt make it, were there a lot of students?

Tony Perrotta said...

Hi Lisa, So the workshop was good huh ? ! Good for you. Looking foward to the next demo from you so we can see your newfound knowledge ! ! ! !

Mary Bullock said...

Lisa - I am so jealous of your time painting with Jeremy. Thank you for describing some of his methods and it really sounds like you rose to the challenge. Great painting!

Barbara Pask said...

Hi Lisa, I kept checking your blog so see how the workshop went. It sounds very challenging and it sounds like you were up to the challenge. I'm glad you found it rewarding. I LOVE this painting.

lisagloria said...

There were 14 of us I think, so it was pretty tight!

stanka said...

Lisa, I am fully admitting I was born yesterday. Hence, I can't find the page I viewed the other day about the Lipking workshop with your photos of his progress. Nevertheless,I proceed with my real question: How DOES one use a golden mean caliper?

Thanks in advance.