Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The Ghost of Delilah and Other Stories

Travis Louie has been a friend a long time, and I was tickled silly when he invited me to collaborate with him for his new show.  The show features drawings with a mostly-secret cast of collaborators.  It opens at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles tomorrow, December 02, 2010 and runs until December 24.

For my part, here's the story:

Tim had been vexed by a very tidy brownie, whose night-time housecleaning rituals interrupted his insomnia with the sounds of a running dishwasher and a spray can of furniture polish.  He had attempted all manner of house-blessings to evict the brownie, but she would not leave.  She came to him in his dreams and told him off in words only bats could hear, shaking her teeny feather duster at him.

One day, home sick with the flu, Tim fell asleep at an unusual time. He came again upon the brownie in his dream.... only, she wasn't yet dressed for work.

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