Friday, January 28, 2011

Painted Pendants - The Next 4

Four more...  I have a list of about 85 more of these I would like to do.  I've gotten some really good emails about these, comparing them to my absolute favorite painters, so thanks for that!  Please keep sending me flatteries.  I live for it.  Yes, there'a a lot of of influence here including Beardsley, Klimt, Schiele, Gorey, Mucha, Waterhouse, Rackham, Leighton, Sargent...  the whole gang.  And contemporary folks like Audrey Kawasaki, Michael Hussar,  N Ascencio, and lots of others.  (I love links to other artists btw, feel free to send some.)

$50 + $5 shipping (US) for the first 4-day preview on this blog, then they go on Etsy for $60 + $5.25 shipping.

(#11 wants her hair color changed, so she will be along later.)

 #12 This One Time, In February, With Angela
Approx 1 x 2 inches

 #14 Dan's Imaginary Other Sister, We Think
1 1/4 x 1 1/4

Buy on Etsy

#15 Jane, Because It is Later There
Approx 1 x 2"

Buy on Etsy

#13 Megan Is Completely Over It Now
Approximately 1 3/4" wide and tall

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