Monday, September 19, 2011

Painting on Silver - Rooster, Tilapia

I don't know if I can capture how luminous and striking a painting on silver is, but I hope you can imagine. Not to mention, of course, the cheeky attitude.

Java Rooster
12" round
Oil on silver platter

10 x 6 1/2" oval
Oil on silver platter

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Michael dean Springer said...

Love the fish!

SeeJaneBrowse said...

Lisa, these are awesome!! Are you selling them?

lisagloria said...

I'm so glad you like them! Yes, they'll be for sale here on my blog and through a show that I am curating at Amaury's restaurant on New York St here in Aurora. Thanks for asking!

K.Gifford said...

Hi Lisa- Love your work! I found it through the Rational Painting forum. I was wondering how you find painting on silver, is it difficult? And how do you prepare it archivally? It looks stunning!

gextongexton said...

Congratulations. How incredibly beautiful. They must be beyond thrilled to own your superb


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